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  • Mustard oil

    Mustard oil contains vitamins(A,B3,B4,B6,D,E,K), Mustard oil - LLC LEN OKpolyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, phytosterols, phytoncids, chlorophyll, mustard essential oil.

    The health-giving properties of mustard oil:

    1. it normalizes lipid exchange, helps to reduce level of cholesterol and triglycerides;
    2. it is effectively used for prevention of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis;
    3. due to high content of phytosterols, phytoncids and chlorophyll, mustard oil has a bactericidal effect, so it is particularly useful for increasing organism’s resistance to infections;
    4. it helps to maintainthe normal hormonal balance and improve reproductive, nervous, endocrinesystems.

    Use in cooking:Mustard oil - LLC LEN OK

    Successfully combines with green and fresh vegetables and can also be added to salads, vinaigrettes, cereals, side dishes.

    The uniqueness of mustard oil isthat it has the highest temperature of fumingamong unrefined vegetable oils, what makes it irreplaceable for cooking at high temperatures. Homemade pastry, cooked of paste with the addition of mustard oil, gets pomp, pleasant odour, golden tint, and doesn’t get stale for a long time. Crepes, thick pancakes, potatoes, meat or fish fried in mustard oil get a refined taste.

    Available in packing:

    PET 0,25 l.
    Mustard oil 0,25 l. - trademark «Vasileva Sloboda»
    PET 0,5 l.
    Mustard oil 0,5 l. - trademark «Vasileva Sloboda»
    Glass 0,25 l.
    Mustard oil 0,25 l. - trademark «Vasileva Sloboda»

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