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  • White flax seeds

    White flax seeds are the best means to keep health and beauty.

    White flax seeds contain protein, soluble and White flax seeds - LLC LEN OKinsoluble alimentary fibers, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, BC, E, F), minerals (manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium), Omega 3 fatty acids, lignans (phytoestrogens).

    Due to high content of gluten, white flax has antiphlogistic, obducingand sedative analgesic effects which help in case of gastrointestinal tract and upper respiratory tract diseases.

    The seeds are recommended in case of gastritis, stomach ulcer, enteritis, colitis and food poisoning.

    White flax seeds’ cellulose and gluten reduce the absorption of toxins and contribute to detoxication.
    White flax seeds are the best solution for a diet.
    They normalize intestinal microflora and movement, helping to reduce excess weight and cleanse organism.

    Take 2–3 teaspoons of the seeds with a glass of water or juice daily.

    White flax seeds’ polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and are recommended in case of cardiovascular disease.

    White flax seeds — are the best product for women.

    The outer layer of a white flax seed contains lignans (phytohormones) which contribute to normal growth and development of fetus, stimulate lactation, prevent the development of mammary gland tumor, improve the health of women in menopause, reduce display of hormonal imbalance.

    Phytohormones prevent oxidation processes and slow down aging.

    White flax helps to maintain the beauty of skin, hair and nails.

    Flax seeds contain an important element— selenium, which is in organic state. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals and the development of cancer, besides stimulating the immune system.

    Directions for use:White flax seeds - LLC LEN OK

    1. one tablespoon of seeds to be poured witha glass of boiled water (200 ml), infuse for 30 minutes;
    2. then take with seeds;
    3. grinded seeds (1–2 tablespoons ) to be poured with a glass of water or put into prepared meals (cereals, salads, yoghurts);
    4. addseeds to the dough for baking (1–2 tablespoons per 2 kg of flour).

    Keep in a dry, dark place. Use-by date: 24 months.

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